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Pitch, pitch, pitch, that’s all I ever do

Diary of a real estate flipper

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Somebody say yes, already! I have a line on two houses, but no answers. Meanwhile, I have explained my rehab-y existence to community leaders and mortgage bankers. I have pitched my home-ownership/personal finance expertise to every publication I can think of, from giveaway weeklies to big-shot magazines. If real estate execs float into my general vicinity, I explain to them that I'm happy to write their Web sites. I have moused so much my arm hurts. If you're going to the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in New York next week, I've probably pitched you. And you should say yes, already, because the waiting is driving me crazy. There's a myth that salespeople take rejection well. I don't think that's true; I certainly don't think they enjoy it. It's more like salespeople see rejection as a natural part of their day, and get over it rather than getting buried by it. Similarly, when you're a reporter, people hang up the phone in your ear a lot, and you pick up the phone again ...