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Inman blog opens up to the masses

Web forum welcomes reader participation

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Brad Inman must need another latte this morning with his latest crusade to bring back the old Century 21 gold coats to try to pump some color back into the real estate industry. Is he crazy or does he have a point? Has corporate branding bled the personality from real estate? Here's a taste of Inman's blog entry this morning: Being colorful is not considered professional. Too bad – particularly today with the Internet. It is a raucous medium where getting down and dirty with local color works – that is why blogs are so popular – they are real, not fake, and they are not about looking good, only about having fun and telling the truth. Now you can comment on Inman's musings directly at the Inman News blog. Just go to the blog and click on the "comments" link directly under the entry you want to talk about. We are encouraging readers to get more involved in the Inman News blog to make it more fun and interesting and to spark discussions on important industry topics....