Tenant sued over failure to replace roof

Unique rental agreement snowballs into financial nightmare

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In 1997, landlord Jim Lin leased his property for 10 years to Amir Pour. The lease was amended in 2000 to reduce the monthly rent by $500 with the tenant agreeing to pay the costs of bringing the building up to city code requirements. Amir spent at least $30,000 on those building code upgrades. In 2003 Lin sold the property to ASP Properties Group. The new owner hired Dennis Parra, a building consultant, to inspect the property. Parra discovered the roof was leaking very badly and needed to be replaced. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Parra's report to ASP Properties said a new roof was installed in 1978 and its useful life expired in 1993. The new owner sent Amir Pour a letter demanding roof maintenance or replacement, as required by the 2000 lease amendment. Because the roof was in very bad unrepairable condition, and he obtained estimates that a new roof would cost $60,000, Pour did nothing since his lease only had a few years remaining. The landlord sued the tenant, demanding ...