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Real estate prosperity changes with the seasons

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(This is Part 3 of a three-part series. See Part 1: Unique approach to real estate survival and Part 2: Birth date impacts real estate success.) Is your business plan complete? If you haven't written a plan, use today's article to create a workable plan based upon your season of birth. If you already have a plan, make sure that your plan incorporates each component listed below. To see which approach you should use, look for the section that contains your month of birth. North (those born in December, January, or February) Step 1: Planning is your strength. Review your numbers from last year, calculate your closing ratios, analyze where your leads originated, and create your traditional and Web marketing plan as well as your budget for the upcoming year. Schedule time monthly to revisit your plan and make alterations. Step 2: Does your plan address customer feedback? If not, take a hard look at what you did last year. Were you focused on making money or was money a by-product of...