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Cookies not so sweet when harming your computer

Easy steps toward protecting your software

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Cookies may be bad for your waistline, but they can be an even worst disaster for your computer. If you haven't already done so, it's time to put your computer on a cookie diet. I purchased a new computer a few months ago and it was constantly crashing. One of the problems was that the Palm 650 TREO software and Windows XP don't like each other, and when these two conflict, your machine crashes. I was also running Norton AntiVirus, but because of all the problems I was experiencing, I was reluctant to install anything else. Big mistake. Even though I was removing my cookies regularly, the machine was still crashing and acting weird. The real culprit, much to my chagrin, turned out to be something that is even more intrusive than most cookies called adware. To protect your computer and your clients, you must take steps to block cookies, spyware, and adware. Without this protection, Internet thieves can use your computer to broadcast spam from your machine. Worst yet, your e-...