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Finally, a friendly house

Diary of a real estate flipper

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Finally, a house I don't need to carry a weapon to walk into. A little background: I have been feeling like I have not been getting enough leads. After pleading with the head of my firm, he had a pretty direct solution – to put me in front of the salespeople. The idea was that I could tell them what I was looking for, and maybe one of their listings would work. Or maybe someone would come across a property that would be just the thing. Better to have dozens of pairs of eyes searching for me than to rely on my wits alone. So I made up little flyers for all the salespeople in the home office, stating what I was trying to do. And I'll say it again, because maybe I'll convince myself. I want to do rehabs of reasonably priced-homes because I think the middle class needs (and deserves) decent housing. I feel like if this fails, I'll become just another NYC broker chasing $2 million listings. And I'm sure that would be a fun job, but it doesn't feel like a mission. So anyway, on my lit...