Home buyer mistakes to avoid

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If you are a thoughtful home buyer who wants to avoid costly mistakes, first read "The 106 Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make (and How to Avoid Them), Fourth Edition," by Gary W. Eldred. This updated version includes the latest information for home buyers, with special emphasis on Internet Web sites that are extremely popular with home buyers. Not only should prospective home buyers study this unique ultra-complete book, but real estate agents should also read it to learn the concerns on the minds of home buyers and how to satisfy those worries. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Although the book's title has a negative implication, it really has a very positive approach because it has 106 mistakes and the recommended methods to avoid each error. For example, Mistake 29 is, "We thought we got a real bargain. We paid $20,000 less than the appraised value." The "lesson" is "never put blind faith in an appraisal," which is followed by a detailed explanation. The author has included lots of ...