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Managing and converting real estate leads

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It boggles my mind. We know as surely as the sky is blue that real estate consumers choose sales agents who respond first to their inquiries. It's a plain fact. Research has proven it. And yet, lead management remains the single biggest problem in real estate. I know this from personal experience. When my wife and I went house shopping in Southern California three years ago, we visited 11 homes and I left 11 messages. Know how many agents returned my calls? One. And it came two days after I left the message. But what's equally surprising to me is this: the solution to the lead management problem is simple. Yet, few have caught on. Here are five steps for converting leads into customers. 1. Know the goal. One reason agents do poorly with lead management is this: they fail to understand the goal of lead management. And the goal is to get the appointment. Nothing more, nothing less.  Stay focused on just getting the appointment and I promise you'll begin to see a dif...