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Mapping where you need it most: On the road

Part 3: What map trends mean for real estate business

Editor's note: Mapping has quickly become an essential part of real estate Web sites as map-based searching offers a more streamlined, interactive way of looking for homes. Brokers and agents are still sorting out how to incorporate maps into their Web sites and turn them into a lead-generating tool. In this three-part series, we go beyond the buzz to uncover what mapping can do for real estate business. (See Part 1 and Part 2.) Mapping has become the next big step in enhancing the online real estate search experience for consumers. But it's also a critical part of the real estate agent's day out in the field, making mobile mapping a highly useful technology for industry practitioners. Some new technology and partnership developments have married mobility and mapping functionality with the real estate industry. While these gadgets and wireless services seem to be a match made in real estate heaven, adoption overall is still slow when comparing the number of users to the number of...