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Real estate broker is not afraid

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Editor's note: Bob Blount, CEO of RE/MAX Advantage, wrote the following perspective in response to an Inman News article, "Fear still rules real estate industry," published on Feb. 24, 2006. For years I've watched real estate brokers who feel that listing content is not a public utility be chastised as unprogressive cavemen who just don't get it. The real issue, however, is who's making the money, not some sanctimonious concern for the rights of the consumer. The other red herring is the one about "irrational fear," a card usually played by those who don't like the present organization of the industry and who want to pave the way for their business model, holding the promise of changing the industry. Somehow, to the "name callers," it seems it is OK for new entrants to compete, but it is inappropriate for existing players to compete back. So, to avoid these labels like "unprogressive" and "fear monger," please let me emphasize the following: I -- and much of the industry -- am not a...