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Real estate class again

Diary of a real estate flipper

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I'm waiting to present to a bunch of real estate agents in New Jersey – my one last hope – but after a lot of consideration I've decided to get my license in New York. To say that I'm plagued with doubt would be an understatement. In five months, I haven't generated any real estate activity whatsoever – so I'm going to throw good money after bad? The positive case, the one I talk myself into, is that straight selling is probably easier than flipping because some of the properties start out in good shape in the first place. In a sense, I already know the New York City, especially Manhattan, inventory – I've written about it for two years. But most importantly, if I'm going to have to rely on my "warm market" (a phrase I've always translated as "the kindness of my friends"), I'm going to have to be in New York. Compared to Jersey, New York classes are a joke. Salesperson licensure comes after 45 hours, not 75. The classes themselves are jammed, with newcomers inh...