Why ‘smart home buyers finish rich’

New book explains best paths to home ownership

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If you only read one real estate book this year, "The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner," by David Bach, should be that book. Whether you are a renter considering purchase of your first house or condo, a current homeowner, or a seasoned realty investor, this common-sense book will reinforce what you probably already know even if you resist facing the facts. The book has two themes: 1) ordinary renters can become millionaires by investing in their first home, and 2) that home can become the foundation for buying a better home and/or investment property in future years. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. As the book's introduction says, "Homeowners get rich and renters stay poor." Bach then proceeds to build on that simple statement, backing it up with facts and many real-life examples to make the book easy reading, enjoyable, and profitable. "Nothing you will ever do in your lifetime is likely to make you as much money as buying a home and living in it," the author emphasizes. In the firs...