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MyNewPlace for apartment searches

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MyNewPlace is a new place to search for apartment listings on the Web, and its creator says the site will offer one of the largest online collections of rental units – an estimated 6 million when it launches today. The new site represents a Web 2.0-inspired minimalist approach to rental listings: a simple, straightforward main page that allows consumers to enter in an address and city, state or zip code to view property listings. There is not a single ad on the page, and there is no selling of other services such as moving vans or rental insurance. The search results pages are similarly streamlined, with basic property listings information and small photos in the middle of the screen, search refinement tools to the left, and a Google Maps-based display of property locations to the right. Property-searches can trim down the list of available properties by selecting number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price ranges, picking a specific pet policy, and searching for specific amenities ...