New book reveals pros and cons of flipping houses

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If you are a serious real estate investor and want to learn the pros and cons of quick sale property profits, there is no better book than "Flipping Properties, Second Edition," by William Bronchick, Esq., and Robert Dahlstrom. These experienced investors reveal what they have learned over 15 years of real estate "quick flip" investing by purchasing at a bargain price, cosmetically fixing up property, and flipping for a fast profit. Three key principles the authors explain, which every real estate buyer can profit from using, are (1) talk only with motivated sellers, (2) persistence pays, and (3) treat real estate as a business. In addition, they emphasize the pros and cons of becoming a full-time property "flipper" or keeping your "day job" and occasionally flipping properties. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The authors even offer advice about taking real estate seminars. "Be leery of both very cheap and very expensive seminars," they write. "If the seminar is free, it's because t...