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Real estate negotiation and e-mail don’t mix

Misinterpretation happens half the time

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Have you ever sent an e-mail that was misinterpreted by the recipient? If so, you may have already bumped into the reason why negotiating by e-mail is a bad idea. The next time you're tempted to negotiate by using e-mail rather than driving to your client's house to see him/her in person--don't! A new study shows that there is a 50-50 chance that the person who receives your e-mail will misunderstand the tone. Few people realize that spoken language is a combination of both the words and the tone. Words reside in the "dominant" hemisphere of the brain. Tone resides in the "inferior" hemisphere that controls the tone or emotional sound of speech (to determine which side of your brain is the dominant hemisphere, notice how you hold your pen when you write. If you are right-handed and the top of your pen points to your body or if you are left-handed and you "hook," you are left-brain dominate for language. If you are left-handed and hold the pen like someone who is right-handed or if you ...