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Selling a bad neighborhood is never easy

Diary of a real estate flipper

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It is awfully tough to write about current clients given the possibility that they might read it, but I do have these current buyer clients I refer to in my head as "buyers 90210." The handle came about because of their relative youth (they're recent college graduates who want to be roommates) and because one of them works for a record company. I don't think these clients are naive Brandons by any means -- they grew up in the city -- but there is also a certain fresh-faced appeal about them that makes me want to mom them a little. I regard their desire for a cheap two-bedroom not as an impossibility, but as a challenge. One possibility is to sell them a one-bedroom they could subdivide, but in the world of New-York-City-is-not-like-anywhere-else this has to be sold to a co-op board. It has crossed my mind to let a Greenwich Village board hypothesize its own relationship between two young male buyers, but it would be so much easier for everyone to sell them an actual two-bedroom. So I ...