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Washington Mutual lays off 1,400

Call centers in 2 states targeted

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Washington Mutual Inc. has notified 1,400 of the savings and loan's workers in Washington state and Florida that they will lose their jobs as part of a cost-saving strategy, media reports said Wednesday. About 850 workers at a call center in the Seattle suburb of Canyon Park were told Tuesday that they would be laid off by the end of July, a spokeswoman told the Philadelphia Inquirer. An additional 550 workers at a similar center in Jacksonville, Fla., also were told they would be laid off -- some by July 21 and others by Sept. 29, reports said. The work will be shifted to facilities in Albion, N.Y.; Milwaukee; and Manila, the Philippines, the spokeswoman told the Inquirer. It has not been decided how many jobs will go to each, reports said....