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Sellers are liars

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I was going to write a column about the saying "Buyers are liars." I have it in my head, so hopefully you'll read it next week. But before I sat down to write it today, I decided to attack my work e-mail. It's been three months since I got my real estate license, and I just hit that magical point where everyone else has learned that I co-broke and has decided to send flyers to me. So I read them, and decided to write that sellers are liars instead. Or at least sellers' agents; they're such liars, in fact, that I'm gonna lay down some rules. These rules used to be practiced implicitly 15 years ago, but if they have to be delineated now, well so it shall be. 1) Square footage is a measure of floor area. If you have a 10-by-20 room, and you put a sleeping platform in it, you have not magically created a 400-square-foot room. Really, you haven't. 2) Square footage is a measure of indoor floor area. A terrace, no matter how long and lovely, is not indoor space. My buyers want to know how m...