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Are you trying to be everything to everyone? If so, being a generalist can cost you much more than you realize. Virtually all top producers specialize in a particular real estate niche. By contrast, the concept of being a generalist, i.e., someone who attempts to serve a wide variety of clients over a diverse geographical region, almost always lands poorer results. Whether you're a 30-year veteran or a new licensee, one of the best ways to expand your real estate business is to specialize in a particular market segment. Many companies support niches by having agents who specialize in estates, commercial, investment, resort, relocation and international clients. What hasn't caught on as quickly, however, is the concept of forming niches based upon people's preferred lifestyles or professions. On July 1, Realty Executives announced a new initiative to pursue this approach on a company-wide basis. Their first foray into the lifestyle arena will be to proactively assist teachers in buyin...