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Realtor center launches new version of server software

Update intended to streamline exchange of real estate data

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The Center for Realtor Technology of the National Association of Realtors this week announced the launch of an updated version of server software for the real estate industry. The new version allows Realtors to receive property listing information from multiple sources and eliminates the need for multiple interface programs, according to the announcement. It is designed to "more efficiently and economically provide and exchange real estate information" and to "improve listing information available to consumers," the announcement states. Version 2.1.10 of the Variman server software allows Realtors to receive listing information using the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS), an industry standard for property listings data. "When RETS is used, access to property listing information becomes simpler and easier and costs are reduced," said Thomas M. Stevens, NAR president, in a statement. "Such systems also help them deliver cost effective, timely and accurate property information to c...