Home-based businesses a hard sell for some landlords

Unhappy neighbors, insurance issues among detractors

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Q: I want to start a business at home, but the landlord refused to even listen to my request. Why would he care? How can I change his mind? A: Since there are hundreds of home-based business possibilities, the landlord may be wary of what your home-based business may bring, including outside visitors, noise and undue stress on neighboring residents. Other concerns might include insurance claims, increased costs for utilities, fire and safety issues, and businesses that violate the law. Businesses that involve outside employees sometimes pose a problem to other tenants, since having strangers coming and going on a regular basis, including delivery personnel, is not the usual reason people live in residential housing. Increased noise and foot traffic annoys some tenants, causing landlords to deal with unhappy residents. Speaking of noise, some home-based businesses can rattle more than the neighbor's nerves. One tenant started a talent agency in her living room, bringing a host of prospe...