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Diary of a real estate rookie

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The past couple of weeks have been so exciting, with a buyer, a seller and a renter. It looks like I've gone from zero deals to possibly two. But let's not jinx things just yet by focusing on outcome. Let's take a look at process: 6/23, Friday, note in Filofax: "Do everything from Thursday." 7/5, Wednesday, I head to a listing appointment where I know two competing brokers have pitched the seller to list at $700K. I am convinced the property should be listed at $675K, at best. This is a tough pitch to make, made worse by the fact that I can't get my laptop to work in front of the seller. I would safely call this my technological low point of the month. 7/9, Sunday: I run around with a buyer I had found outside my building. We see eight apartments in four hours. I can only keep everything straight because of the detailed notes I have made in my Filofax; whoever came up with the "notes for alternating days in alternating colors" should get a Nobel Prize. It's a useful day for my buyer...