Fewer commercial loans reported delinquent in California

16 of 17 companies made no late payments in 2nd-quarter survey

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For the 31st consecutive quarter, the California Commercial Loan Delinquency Ratio is below one half of 1 percent, the California Mortgage Bankers Association announced this week. Approximately 99.91 percent of the California commercial real estate loans serviced by 17 mortgage banking firms were either current or only one payment delinquent, according to the June 30, 2006, Quarterly Delinquency Survey conducted by CMBA. This translates into a delinquency ratio of .09 percent, up .02 from the March 31, 2006, survey (which incorrectly reported the delinquency ratio as .05 percent instead of .07 percent). The second-quarter delinquency ratio compares to a delinquency ratio of .18 percent a year ago. The current survey shows 16 of the 17 companies reported no loans more than 30 days delinquent. There were no loans reported to be in foreclosure. Of the $74.5 billions of loans being serviced by the 17 California commercial mortgage bankers, $66.4 million, consisting of nine individual loa...