Restaurant patron sues Denny’s for serious injury

Did restaurant fail to maintain a safe entrance door?

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Some time around 1:30 a.m. Andre Taylor and several of his friends left a social gathering to visit a nearby Denny's restaurant to get something to eat. After they ordered, Taylor realized he left his wallet in the car. He was not in a hurry, running or intoxicated as he pushed open the restaurant's exterior door. Although he put his hand on the door's narrow brass plate, it slipped onto the door glass. Taylor's hand broke through one of the door's glass panes, causing him to cut his right arm and lacerate his flexor tendon. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Taylor was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery on his wrist. His surgeon testified by deposition the surgery was a success with no further treatment planned. Taylor was released to return to work about two months later. After his recovery, Taylor sued Denny's restaurant for negligence in failing to provide a safe exterior door. Among other things, he alleged the door did not have shatterproof glass, lacked a push bar and ha...