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Put paid search on marketing menu

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(This is Part 2 of a four-part series. Read Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4.) Think you know about Web marketing? You may be surprised by what the experts at Real Estate Connect had to say about obtaining the greatest return on your marketing dollar. Last week's article looked at how to generate more leads using multiple Web sites, blogging and organic search. Today's article examines how to maximize your paid search. Is there a relationship between paid search and organic search? The answer depends upon how effectively your Web site converts leads once people click on your site (i.e. the search engines monitor whether individuals clicking on your ad actually stay on your site once they reach it.) If Web visitors stay on your site, this helps your organic placement. If not, it actually harms it. According to Michael Yang of Yahoo!, Web visitors use different search tools at different times throughout their selling or buying experience. Yang recommends placing your listings on as many...