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Real estate lead generation poised for rapid change

Guest perspective: Taking over real estate not so easy after all

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Editor's note: The following guest opinion was written by real estate industry executive Steve Kropper, and reflects his views on future changes in the real estate industry. Every year, Inman News' Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco introduces the latest Krispy Kreme threat to the dominant Dunkin Donuts. Every conference debuts a new entrant threatening to take over the real estate and mortgage business. Most are gone a year later (see table at end: New Entrants, Fast Exits). A few players find a niche and a few points of market share. Each makes a contribution to the pile of industry intellectual property and experience. Every year brokers and agents wring their hands anxiously trying to make sense of the new entrants. Hype, angst and anxiety notwithstanding, the traditional players' role remains mostly unchanged. I believe that the new technology entrants have had little impact on the industry thus far. The most tangible measure of change is commissions. Yes, the split o...