Discount broker may be shortchanging home seller

Withholding listing from MLS, Web sites impacts bottom line

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DEAR BOB: I don't expect you to print this letter because I am a nontraditional Realtor who charges my home sellers a low $9,950 set fee, which is not commission based on the home's final sales price. But I still make a profit while doing the exact same things traditional Realtors do for their sellers. My client's best interest and net savings always come first. It is unfortunate some Realtors claim to be ethical while practicing their self-serving interests. Instead of a taking seminar courses on how to defend your commission they should take courses on true ethics to look out for their client's best interest --Luis T. DEAR LUIS: That chip on your shoulder must be very heavy. Lighten up. Real estate agents are in business to earn profits, as you are. If your brokerage office can survive on $9,950 per home sale, good for you. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. However, I question if you are really looking out for the best interests of your home sellers to get top price for their reside...