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Housing industry: National disaster policy needed right away

Insurance and housing officials urge Congress to act quickly

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Representatives of the housing and insurance industries, along with members of Congress and key congressional staff, are urging Congress to act quickly to enact comprehensive federal national natural disaster legislation. The National Association of Realtors hosted the Federal Natural Disaster Policy Symposium Monday to help identify appropriate federal policies for dealing with a potential crisis. About 100 people from a variety of associations, nongovernmental organizations, congressional offices and federal agencies attended, NAR said. The Realtor association has lobbied Congress to ensure the availability and affordability of disaster insurance. Cynthia Shelton, NAR Commercial and Business Specialties Group liaison and a Realtor with Northstar Brokerage Services in Orlando, Fla., moderated Monday's meeting. She noted that natural disasters are not only a concern to a few select states. "Natural disasters come in many forms and affect many different areas of the country," said Sh...