Software helps convince consumers they can’t do it all

Part 2: Surviving a real estate downturn

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Editor's note: In this four-part series, Inman News examines the effect of the housing slowdown on everyday real estate business. We've asked brokers and agents what they are doing differently with marketing now that listing times are longer, how they are keeping an edge, and how a slowdown may or may not be impacting commission rates. (Read Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4.) As Web sites offering to help consumers buy and sell homes continue to pop up all over the Internet, real estate brokers and agents are finding themselves justifying their existence -- or at least their commissions. Real estate professionals know they have insight into local markets and experience that can help buyers and sellers close a deal at the best price. But with consumers now able to perform many of the tasks they once relied on real estate agents for, full commissions can be a tough sell. Now, brokers and agents are discovering that with the right tools, technology can help them mine data in more sophistic...