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Bad property renovations

Diary of a real estate rookie

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When I edited a newspaper real estate section on a weekly basis, I spent a lot of time doing stories about renovations: "How to Survive Your Renovation! Renovations That Make You Money! Cheap Fixes that Work!" "Floor Profit!" And now that I am looking at properties as an agent, I realize I forgot a category: "Don't Try This at Home." There I was, busy instructing readers about what to do, when I realize that I should have been spending much more time telling them what NOT to do. For example, I love vibrant color. Every moment I'm in my macaroni-and-cheese-colored kitchen makes me happy. But if I sold or rented the place, I'd at least feel apologetic about it. A client and I just saw a condo that the landlord was trying to market as "luxury" and I thought, dude, you'd have a better chance if you hadn't painted the whole thing red and purple. The colors of a jester hat? Of Spree candy? I was going to cut the owner some slack for personal taste until I opened the hall closet and saw th...