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Web 2.0: the next generation of real estate revenue

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Do you believe that the only way to make money on the Web is to convert a lead into a listing or sale? If so, you're missing a huge new opportunity that could be a potential gold mine in the future. The Internet marketing community is buzzing about Web 2.0, the next generation of Web products and services. Web 2.0 is all about lead conversion. Consumers will experience "smarter" searches that include "mashups" (i.e. multiple functions such as mapping, comparable sales, school reports, community data, etc.), data customized based upon the consumer's past searches, as well as quicker and more personalized responses from their Realtors. Web 2.0 is about transparency (i.e. that all aspects of the transaction are open to all parties to the transaction), as well as citizen journalism (i.e. where readers of agent newsletters and blogs co-create content in an online forum.) For those who embrace the next wave of Internet innovations, the possibilities are nothing short of astounding. Yes, adv...