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Blogs in real estate: Redefine your edge

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(This is Part 1 of a four-part series. Read Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.) Blogs are one of the hottest Web trends today. Are you ready to take advantage of this powerful tool to build your business? What is a blog? Some people say it's a combination of the word "Web" and "log." Many of the earliest blogs were not much more than diaries or journals. Social and political blogging has been around for about five years. Business blogging, however, is an entirely new trend that is about to revolutionize our business in a wide variety of ways. Blogs are not only the voice of the moment, but they are also a way to generate more leads, to interact with potential clients, and to build trust in the communities we serve. Interactivity and User-Generated Content Blogging is an important part of what is being called "Web 2.0." Web 1.0 was about having visitors to your site and keeping them there. Web 1.5 was about lead generation. Web 2.0 is about lead conversion, i.e., users being involved in t...