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Survey reveals buyers turn equally to newspapers, Web

Kelsey Group reports disconnect in ad dollars, eyeballs

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Real estate buyers turn equally to newspapers and the Internet when shopping for property, according to a report by The Kelsey Group, a research company that focuses on advertising and online media. A Kelsey Group consumer study found that 24 percent of sellers first look to newspapers and 19 percent to signs to advertise real estate for sale. Meanwhile, 30 percent of buyers turn to newspapers and an equal percentage turn to online sources to search for property, according to the company's research. And the most active real estate-buying age group, 18-34, turn to online sources first, according to the study, which is based on 1,000 random telephone interviews in June. Among buyers who said they go online, 79 percent were 18-34. Of those respondents who have participated in a real estate transaction, 51 percent were 18-34, according to the report. The study found that respondents used real estate agents in slightly more than half of real estate transactions, and those home buyers who ...