Allstate sues tenant over linseed-oil fire

Must resident reimburse insurer for loss caused by guest?

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While attending college, Jennifer Fritz and Sarah Nelson signed a lease for Apartment H of a 12-unit building owned by Hunters Ridge Condominium Owner's Association. Paragraph 7(b) of their lease says Fritz and Nelson are responsible for "all costs for repairs ... resulting from ... negligent actions or omissions of themselves or their guests." During the lease term, Fritz' friend Clay Pendleton asked if he could use Apartment H to clean his Civil War reenactment equipment, which he had been storing in Fritz's storage locker. Although neither Fritz nor Nelson would be in the apartment that day, Fritz gave Pendleton permission to clean his gear on the balcony. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. During that day, Pendleton washed his uniform, cleaned his utensils, and refinished the stock of his replica musket. He stripped the varnish off the stock with a stripper sprayed from an aerosol can, sanded it, and then applied linseed oil. He used rags from a cotton tee shirt. When Pendleton fin...