Neighbors squabble over lot boundaries

If your trees and fence post are on neighbor's lot, it's his problem

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DEAR BOB: Our neighbor complained that some of our trees and a fence post are on his property. We had a survey done to confirm the boundaries. It differs from the "improvement location certificate" (ILC) our home builder provided to us at the closing. Is it unusual for an actual survey and the builder's certificate to differ? We hired the same surveyor who did the ILC to mark the boundaries and he said this not unusual --Sue B. DEAR SUE: It sounds like the licensed surveyor goofed when he surveyed the boundaries for the home builder. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. At the time you purchased your new home, I hope you bought an owner's title insurance policy that specified the boundaries of your lot. If so, you may have recourse against the title insurer if the actual boundary is substantially different than the builder's ILC that was provided to you. If the new survey shows the trees and fence post are on the neighbor's property, he can then remove the trees and/or fence post if he ...