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Gift season begins: Wrestling with what to give clients

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OK, if someone has a system for keeping track of all the little loose receipts, please tell me. Since I'm not in the suburbs, I don't drive clients around (there was the time I drove my married friends to house-hunt in Brooklyn, but lost some of my cool points by asking the husband to parallel park for me). I do, however, ferry clients around by taxi, which generates receipts smaller than post-its. I'm good, I stick the little bits in my wallet, and then four taxis later pull out a five and find that the ground is covered in white confetti. I am trying to set up envelopes by client, but I am just not naturally that organized. I feed my clients too, at least the rich ones, and didn't realize that was all that unusual until I mentioned it to my sister. "I've bought eight houses," she said, "and never ..." Well, that doesn't make sense to me. Sitting down with someone over a glass of wine and a plate of pasta, or coffee and cake, seems at least as good an expenditure of my marketing do...