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Real estate blog can be lucrative side job

Build trust, attract advertisers, make money

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Does the thought of starting your own blog overwhelm you? If so, it may be time to rethink your reluctance. A blog can help you create new business while also providing a steady income stream separate from your real estate activities. I've been playing in the blogosphere for about four months. It has been an interesting experience. A number of our posts have been tongue-in-cheek and some have been quite serious. Marc Davison's post on his experience at NAR not only captured the essence of what was happening in New Orleans, but also tapped into the tragic losses from 9/11. Several days ago, I wrote a blog post on the Victoria's Secret $12.5 million bra. Much to my surprise, I was in the number one position at Google for 48 hours under, of all things, "real estate boobs." This isn't exactly what I had in mind for my luxury blog, but then again, part of the fun is being a little outrageous. The point is that a blog can be used to engage your community and to get press for your business i...