Even ‘dummies’ can flip houses

New book reveals tips on best financing, negotiation tactics

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In good markets or bad, real estate broker Ralph R. Roberts reveals in "Flipping Houses for Dummies" how he acquires run-down houses, fixes them up, and then either "flips" (sells) them for a profit or holds for long-term investment. Roberts, a highly respected real estate author, trainer and broker, shares his techniques along with advice on how to minimize the tax bite on profits. Every serious real estate investor who wants to earn large profits needs to understand the methods Roberts uses because he has perfected flipping houses almost to a science. He thoroughly understands and explains all the critical aspects, including locating the properties to determining if they are suitable, negotiating a successful purchase, supervising the fix-up work, and making a profitable resale. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. As a longtime real estate broker, Roberts knows all aspects of the home brokerage business and he doesn't hesitate to share his insider secrets. For example, he says, "No...