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Foreign buyers and luxury real estate

Part 2: Marketing to the ultrawealthy

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(This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Read Part 1 and Part 3.) Do you know the American buying code? Do you know what unlocks buying behavior in other cultures? If not, here are more keys from the Inman News Connect High Net conference in Miami Last week's article looked at the work of Clotaire Rapaille and Jurgen Klaric on luxury anchors. Rapaille's book, "The Culture Code," identifies key anchors for Americans. Here are a number of other codes based upon the buyers' culture. America: Big is Better When You're Afraid Americans like "big," especially when it comes to our refrigerators, cars and garages. We super-size almost everything. According to Rapaille, American society is fear-based and hence, being bigger and more powerful matters. For example, Rapaille's research shows that the culture code for sex in America is "gun." Guns, like sex, can harm or kill you and must be treated with care. We are also obsessed with not becoming ill. Rapaille comments on this when he descri...