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Real estate professionals would be lost without statistics. Records of sales volume and price in their local markets, the number of homes for sale, the sales price of individual properties -- all are all vital in helping sellers price their homes and buyers negotiate the best deal. But statistics say more about the past than they do about the future. The numbers can lag behind weeks or even months, and the first indications of what many in the industry are hoping to see -- renewed buyer interest -- may not be captured by any statistic. Brokers and agents will see increased traffic to their Web sites and more phone calls, e-mails and pages long before the results of that activity show up in closely watched statistics. To get a grass-roots feel for whether that's happening, last week Inman News Publisher Bradley Inman posed this question on the Inman News blog: "What is happening out there? The market is turning UP, we hear from our sources. Were the bears wrong, are buyers r...