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Meet the Bubble Bloggers

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Editor's note: Talk of a real estate bubble, brewing for many years, has spawned an assortment of real estate blogs devoted to bubble talk and statistical analyses. These bubble sites offer a counterpoint to industry data and mainstream media coverage, and have gained a following among consumers and industry analysts alike. Several "bubble bloggers" -- some named and some choosing to remain anonymous -- have shared their views with Inman News. (Read the intro to this series, "The rise of real estate bubble blogs.") Name: John McLeod Work experience: Information technology Blog site: Co-blogger at, "Housing Doom Housing Bubble Blog: The housing bubble has burst -- what happens next?" Audience: About 2,000 visitors per day. Q: What makes you a real estate bubble believer, a bubble debunker, or bubble neutral? A: Bubble believers are heavily weighted to short-sellers, renters, etc., while bubble denial is common in Realtors, builders and research institutes studying the ...