What to look for in the perfect roommate

Sharing apartment is no easy task

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Q: Since rents have become so expensive, I'm considering a roommate to share my apartment. Any suggestions? A: Taking on a roommate is more complicated than most people think. More than just sharing a space, that person will also share your financial and personal obligations. You'll also be sharing friends, family and a host of personal habits. You'll also need your landlord's permission. They can provide the "application to rent" form you'll need the prospective roommate to fill out, as well as run the credit and background check needed before making a decision. A credit check will confirm job and address information, creditor status and any eviction data. The ability to afford the rental amount is a top consideration as well. In addition to confirming a solid background and ability to pay, consider some basic details that may help avoid conflict down the road. Drawing up a roommate agreement is essential. A plethora of sample roommate agreements can be found online by searching ...