Property comes with $6 million clean-up fee

Must previous owner pay for decades of polluting?

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In 2003, AMCAL Multi-Housing Inc. acquired property to construct 300 affordable housing units and retail uses. During negotiations, AMCAL hired an environmental consulting firm, which determined the previous owner, Pacific Clay Products Inc., and its predecessors owned and operated a clay product and ceramic manufacturing facility on the property since 1896. Pacific Clay's operations included extensive lead-glazing and kiln-firing activities, known for causing lead contamination. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. When Pacific Clay vacated the property in 1953, it "left buried at the property a network of kilns, airways, drainage channels, connecting tunnels and other subsurface structures containing large quantities of putty-like, lead-laden waste materials that were so extensive that much of the soils in proximity to the buried structures also had high levels of lead contamination." Despite this information, AMCAL purchased the property. In early 2004, while demolishi...