Stop that wrecking ball!

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The theme of "Unbuilding: Salvaging the Architectural Treasures of Unwanted Houses" is save and reuse what is valuable rather than demolishing and sending everything off to the local landfill. This beautiful new book with hundreds of color photos shows how to recognize and save components of old houses that have resale value. Dozens of examples show the salvage of ornate hardware, light fixtures, mantels, doors, bricks, and long lengths of hardwood beams and flooring. This unique book explains how to compare the costs of demolition versus salvaging valuable parts of buildings destined for a wrecker's ball. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Co-authors Bob Falk and Brad Guy have created a specialized book about the house recycling industry. In addition to explaining which components have profit potential, the authors emphasize the most efficient methods and cost-saving techniques while repeatedly extolling the importance of safety in the process. The valuable photos expl...