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‘Bonnie and Clyde of mortgage fraud’ will call prison home

Matthew Cox faces up to 54 years after guilty plea

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Matthew Bevan Cox -- who, along with an accomplice was dubbed "The Bonnie and Clyde of mortgage fraud" -- has pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud charges in three states. Cox, 37, faces up to 54 years in prison and $2 million in fines when he's sentenced Aug. 22, prosecutors said, but is expected to receive a lesser sentence as part of a plea bargain arrangement. Cox pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal district court in Atlanta to mortgage fraud, identity theft, passport fraud, and probation violation charges originating in Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. Cox has agreed to pay an undetermined amount of restitution, and 41 counts against him in Georgia will be dropped under the plea agreement, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutors said Cox and an accomplice, Rebecca Marie Hauck, stole the identities of property owners they rented from, erasing the mortgage liens on their homes, and obtained multiple loans on properties in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and North Carolina. ...