Landlord hates being called a thief

When is it OK to dispose of tenant's belongings?

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Question: I rented a room in my home to a male tenant. After several months he disappeared. Twenty days past the rent-due date I tried but was unable to locate him. Seventy five days passed and he reappeared, and he demanded his belongings, claiming that I was a thief. I felt it was abandoned property. I told him that the room was being advertised for rent. Ten days later he returned but I was not at home. I had a guest staying with me and he walked right in and threatened the guest. My guest told him to return when the owner was present. Instead he removed his belongings, and my guest called the police. The police said he had the right to his belongings. I don't care about his personal possessions or their value. My question is: What is trespassing? And when does his tenancy stop? What are my rights as a homeowner to protect my property? The district attorney said that trespassing is hard to define and refused to pursue the issue. James McKinley, an attorney for landlords...