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Part 1: Real estate’s Adult Friend Finder

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Editor's note: This article is Part 1 of a four-part perspective series looking at the impact of new online social media on real estate. See Part 2, "Out of the box and into the ditch"; Part 3, "Real estate and social media spark bright future"; and Part 4, "Blinded by the light." The time for argument has passed. There's too much at stake. Consumers need professional experts, and professional experts need consumers. Simple. A perfect match. So you would think. While some real estate traditionalists are moving towards new online platforms in hopes of connecting to consumers, the majority still recoil from the light. They're still sending brownie recipes in drip campaigns to consumers they've "captured." Inman News recently published a three-part series on social media and real estate, offering insight into what's unfolding on the Web. Some of the sources said that participation in this new trend should be a part of your business plan. I believe it needs to be the plan. Psychology o...