The weather’s horrible in my Victorian

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Q: I live in the upper unit of a Victorian duplex. It's a rental unit and I assist the landlord in upkeep. From time to time, I suggest maintenance items to him. I would like to know how difficult and effective it is to put roof insulation in a unit like this. During the winter, it is difficult to keep heat in. During the summer, the heat builds up in the afternoon and remains into the evening. There is no insulation in the attic. It was my thought to have rolled fiberglass installed. I know the landlord won't go for the expense of blown-in insulation. Can you tell me if I need to do anything other than just lay down the insulation between the studs? And will it assist me in keeping the summer heat out of my unit? A: This one's a no-brainer: Don't hesitate, insulate. But insulation is only part of the solution. The landlord should also think seriously about ventilating the attic. To do a Cadillac job, weather-stripping the exterior doors and windows and insulating the exter...