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Don’t become a ‘victim’ of a slowing market

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Across the country, agents are becoming "victims" of the slowing market. Will you join the victims as their business continues to decline, or will you emerge as one of the victors? "The market is terrible!" "Nothing is selling." "No one is calling." "No one is showing my listings." "I'm not getting any referrals." Each one of these statements contains the seeds that can grow into a failed real estate business. Now compare the following statements: "Slowing market ... so what? Bring it on!" "My investor clients love this market -- there are so many opportunities!" "What slowing market? I'm making more money now than I was last year!" "While I'm still taking listings, I'm now also actively prospecting for buyers, especially first-timers." What's the difference between these two sets of statements? If you examine them carefully, you will note that the first group of statements blames the agent's lack of production on external factors. In contrast, the second set illustrates...