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NAMB spotlights ethical mortgage broker’s community ties

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With foreclosures making headlines around the nation and consumer groups and lawmakers pointing the finger of blame at some lenders' underwriting and origination practices, mortgage broker Michael Knight was looking for a way to demonstrate that many members of the profession not only follow a code of ethics, but are active volunteers in the communities they serve. Not long before members of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) were to meet in Seattle for their annual meeting, Knight decided he'd like to sponsor an award honoring a mortgage broker whose conduct could put the lending industry in a more favorable light. As the former president of the Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers and a longtime NAMB member, Knight had the connections to get the ball rolling. "I made a couple of phone calls to two past presidents, and said we ought to do everything we can to show there are good mortgage brokers out there," Knight said. "They loved the idea." The chief executiv...